Reputation drives business

Strategic Direction

Companies at every stage of their corporate development need to clearly articulate the benefits that their technology brings to the market, and the challenges it solves for their customers.

We help you to clearly define your offering within the industry context and competitive landscape, craft authentic messages that resonate with prospective clients and key stakeholders and help you communicate in these in a clear and consistent manner throughout your campaigns.

Senior Counsel

In order to ensure your current strategy is delivering your business objectives, we carry out a strategic overview to assess how your business ambition measures up against current reality and industry perception, offering practical guidance about how to best position your company in the minds of your industry, clients and prospects.

We work with CEOs, COOs, entrepreneurs and business founders to help discover where possible shortfalls lie, devise strategies in order to build your profile, and position you in the best possible light for future growth.

Issues Management

The nature of business means crises are inevitable. The key is the readiness of your firm to successfully deal with and deflect whatever problem may cross your path.

Issues Management aims to prepare senior management and members of your team for the unexpected, provide them with the tools they need in order to best deal with future dilemmas. We can identify potential problem areas and map out coordinated plans of reaction in times of crisis.

Change Communications

As a business matures and evolves, both management and teams must be aware of any change in direction or new messaging the company would like to adopt.

Change communications is about ensuring that all team members are not only aware of the new direction or key messages, but take on board the reasons why they are occurring, in order to more willingly contribute. We work with management and communications teams to develop and execute plans designed to help them successfully drive projects through periods of corporate change.