Failing to plan is planning to fail

Message Development

If there is one topic we’re obsessive about: that firms set aside technical and industry vernacular riddled with references to ‘cutting edge’, ‘innovative’, ‘disruptive’ and ‘paradigm shifting’.

The world is tired of superlatives and platitudes. Clients want to know what you can do to make their lives better, solve the challenges that keep them awake at night and why you are better than your competitor. Your clients and prospects need to be able to trust you and your message.


A business, like any good story, needs to have a well structured and engaging storyline.

Storytelling is about constructing a narrative that clients, prospects and industry commentators can understand. It needs to be resonant and relevant. We can help you start from the beginning, by identifying the key criteria that make your business stand apart from the others, and developing these criteria into clear and consistent messaging driven throughout all areas of your organisation.

Stakeholder and Industry Mapping

Reputation matters. Is your business clearly understood by your customers, competitors, media and other decision-makers?

Every sales process involves decision-makers, budget holders and internal & external influencers. Stakeholder and industry mapping helps clarify who the key influencers are. These include analysts, consultants, trade associations, and key individuals. We plan to reach these groups so they hear about your business, communicating messages designed to be resonant, relevant and substantiated.

Competitor Analysis

Setting yourself apart from your competition, both real and perceived, is key to success. This applies to both your positioning to the market and the way you communicate.

Undertaking a competitor analysis to understand how they describe what they do, how they market themselves, how they communicate to stakeholders and the media will help you differentiate your firm from your peers. This can include highlighting the unique areas of business or those marketing and communications channels that help your firm stand out from the crowd.