However confident we may feel, there are often situations in business when we find ourselves clinging to our agenda, repeating patterns of speech, drying up and even feeling too timid to speak out. With the use of professional improvisation exercises you will be encouraged to engage the more spontaneous, creative side of your brain. This enables you to think more quickly on your feet and practice being present in the moment so you can approach meetings, calls and negotiations with a positive attitude and flexibility.

With improvisation, everything is seen as a gift. Experience the willingness to step out of your comfort zone, be bold and open up to the possibility of endless opportunities. Improvisation relies on trust and collaboration, but don’t worry this isn’t one of those horrible trust exercises!. Exploring this skillset will help you to form deeper and more connected bonds and will teach you to become more adaptable and responsive. Your confidence and belief in your own aptitude to speak up and be heard will grow as you take a risk, have a go and express yourself with clarity and confidence.

This session will make you aware of how you are currently presenting and highlight areas in which you can improve. This isn’t about learning how to act. Rather, it focuses on your own unique, individual style and encourages you to be the best possible version of yourself to create the impact you deserve.


Now, more than ever, we are experiencing a strong desire to connect with one another. The use of storytelling techniques will make your pitches, presentations, meetings and calls more personable more compelling, more captivating and ultimately, more interesting.

We will review your body language and vocal technique to help you to develop the self-assurance you require to allow you to step into the spotlight and deliver with charm and confidence.

Highly effective communication comprises many different elements, both verbal and non-verbal, including breathing, body language, gesture, eye contact, presence and energy. These bespoke workshops cover these elements and more, as well as the nuances and subtleties that excellent communicators utilise. This enables attendees to communicate more effectively, and bring their authentic selves and personal styles to their business lives.


Panel discussions have fast become the most popular way to debate, dispute and examine concepts and opinions. In order to gain the most from these opportunities we need to understand how to be a generous and commanding host or an attentive and articulate guest. We will look at the skills required to help you perform at your best and be involved in the discussion. You will learn how to connect with your audience to get your points across and ensure that you are memorable and influential.


Podcasts are a fantastic medium to get your voice heard. In this session we look at how you can develop your potential to speak effectively with confidence, conviction and warmth. We will look at ways for you to get your points across and stay focused and, how to come across as a knowledgeable professional in your field of expertise. This ensures that you get the airtime you need especially if you are not the only participant.

Connect and play

During Lockdown many teams have become dispersed and fragmented. It’s been proven time and again that when individuals and teams communicate more effectively, commercial performance is stronger. This workshop allows teams to have fun together and creates great morale and confidence in these strange working conditions, which can sometimes feel quite alienating. Whether your whole team is back in the office or some are still working from home, this workshop brings you all together and allows you to reconnect with your team through valuable skills development, fun, improvisation games and effective bonding exercises.


If you’re looking to really hone your communication skills, have a particular presentation you’re preparing for and would like more bespoke and individual feedback, we offer 1-to-1 Presentation Coaching, delivered by one of our highly experienced Presentation Coaches. You can book one session or a series of sessions, depending on your requirements.

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