Communicating with confidence

Media Coaching

Developing well-honed messages is all well and good, however, understanding how to work with media is also a very important part of the equation.

Journalists are under ever-more pressure to publish news and features. We help spokespeople better engage with the media by explaining how an effective relationship with the media works, how best to present information in a form which will be easy to use, and how to build long-term relationships.

Public Speaking

We help senior executives prepare for the right speaking opportunities, both with content preparation and speech writing, and also by providing presentation skills training and practice for public speaking engagements.

Executive Shine, produced by Streets Consulting, is a series of workshops designed to help senior and rising executives improve their communications skills and build confidence in various business scenarios, from pitches, panels and presentations to boardrooms, sales meetings and phone calls.

Executive Communications

It is paramount that business leaders can successfully articulate and disseminate critical business objectives across all areas of the business.

Senior staff coaching for both written and verbal communication can help clarify messages given to the company as a whole. We can help identify areas of communication requiring focus and personally train executives.

Workshop Facilitation

When it comes to problem solving, “two heads are better than one”.

Workshop facilitation creates a group environment to either solve particular challenges or simply create a team culture. We create a programme intended to steer debate, encourage and capture ideas, and help draw decisive conclusions. We not only help with the logistics involved in creating the workshop, but design questions and activities around tackling the strategic challenges and practical issues at hand.

Consultative Sales Training

Sales teams are at the beginning (and end) of every client relationship. 

Our consultative sales training – delivered virtually or in person – is designed to train sales teams in using open and closed questioning techniques, overcoming barriers to sales such as operational difficulties or internal cultures resistant to change, and ultimately closing deals.