StreetsTalksTo Wraps Up Series Two

Thats a wrap for #StreetsTalksTo Series 2! This has been a fascinating series covering a wide range of topics including the Consolidated Tape, developments in crypto asset trading, cyber breaches, facial recognition and comms privacy, impact of the Kalifa Review, fintech in the West Mids, the importance of operational resilience, current challenges exchanges are facing, and so much more! You can catch all episodes over on the Streets Consulting website or your preferred podcast platform. 

Thank you to all our guests: Daniel Shepherd & Caroline Holmes from BTON Financial, Erez Zada & Magnus Almqvist from Exberry, Stephane Leroy & Emmanuel Carjat from QuantHouse, Sassan Danesh & James Haskell from Etrading Software Ltd, Hilary Smyth-Allen, David Stewart & Jof Walters from SuperTech WM, and Alan E J Jones and Sarah Norford-Jones from YEO Messaging.