Word on the Streets: September 2023 Updates

Roger Chandler

We’re off to a flying start in September and only two weeks into my new role as Business Development Director, I am out in the industry, alongside our impressive team, supporting clients with their latest announcements and campaigns. One of our key areas of focus this month is working with regional fintech bodies, Fintech Scotland and SuperTech West Midlands, as they showcase fintech innovation and its contribution to economic growth. Other clients continue to secure funding, launch new platforms and reports, issue Green Principles and more. I am very excited to be part of this thriving community and look forward to meeting everyone on the very busy conference circuit of industry and client events over the coming months.

Fintech Scotland

Scotland Fintech Festival 2023

Organised under the umbrella of FinTech Scotland, the festival brings together the brightest minds from business, academia and entrepreneurship to spearhead financial innovation in the region. A programme of over 50 events focuses on AI-powered advancements, the potential of blockchain, the imperative of climate-conscious solutions and more.


SuperTech launches Impact Report

The Impact Report commissioned by SuperTech, a cluster that drives collaboration and innovation across the West Midlands professional and financial services, reveals that the region is on track to achieve £1 billion in economic output. The report also underlines the case for investment in skills to harness the region's rich diversity and leverage its research base.


Appital launches Insights to redefine how the buyside unlock liquidity

An industry first, Appital Insights allows buyside institutions to assess the viability of executing larger ADV orders without alerting the market. It empowers traders and PMs to gain exposure to liquidity events in relevant equities that meet their minimum ADV or pricing thresholds. They are no longer constrained by placing large orders directly into the market and risk information leakage or price erosion.


BMLL secures investment from Snowflake Ventures

BMLL secured strategic investment from Snowflake Ventures and entered into a partnership with Snowflake to empower market participants globally with granular data and analytics. The partnership supports BMLL’s mission to democratise access to granular, Level 3 data and analytics on a global scale by eliminating the need for resource-intensive data engineering.


Doorda Report: The importance & impact of data for critical decisions

92% of respondents to a OnePoll survey commissioned by Doorda reported that the application of good external data had produced a profound positive impact on their data analytics and predictive models results. This key report uncovered the prevalence, impact, opportunities and potential risks of using external data when making critical business decisions.


Droit announced as the tech provider for a consortium of five global banks

Barclays, BNP Paribus, Goldman Sachs, HSBC and one other bank have come together to establish consensus on position reporting obligations. Droit was selected as technology provider due to the capabilities of its Adept platform and the firm's reputation for driving consensus around regulatory interpretation.

Substantive Research

Investment research budgets slide despite rebundling freedoms

Substantive Research’s latest study into buy side spending on investment research shows that research budgets continue to reduce (-6.5%) and are concentrated even more towards the largest providers. This is despite Rachel Kent's recent review of investment research, which suggested allowing the rebundling of research and execution costs under MiFIDII.

World Federation of Exchanges

WFE issues Green Equity Principles guidance note

The World Federation of Exchanges has issued its Guidance Green Equity Principles, a global framework for designating listed shares as green. This equips exchanges with the tools to play their part in increasing transparency in sustainable finance and countering greenwashing risks as we move towards a more sustainable global economy.

Metaverse: What Matters?

Exploring the Metaverse with Dr. Catriona Wallace: What Matters?"

We are so proud of our YouTube series, "Metaverse: What Matters?" On each of the 7 episodes we delve into all matters metaverse and why the metaverse matters. Dr. Catriona Wallace, founder of the Responsible Metaverse Alliance (also a Shark on Shark Tank Australia) joins our CEO Julia Streets for insightful discussions meeting as avatars from opposite ends of the earth! Featured in Fintech Times and Fintech Finance and on leading conference stages, we're at the forefront of this transformative digital realm. Watch, like, and share our thought-provoking episodes.