Streets Consulting launches “Metaverse: What Matters?”

Press Release 23/01/2023

The monthly metaverse chat show features Dr Catriona Wallace, responsible AI expert and Founder of the Responsible Metaverse Alliance

London, Sydney, 23 January 2023: Streets Consulting and the Responsible Metaverse Alliance have collaborated to introduce a brand new metaverse chat show series: “Metaverse: What Matters?”

Hosted by Julia Streets, Founder & CEO of Streets Consulting, the financial services and technology business development, marketing and communications consultancy, the show features Dr Catriona Wallace, award-winning entrepreneur, AI technologist, specialist in the metaverse, and the Founder of the Responsible Metaverse Alliance (RMA).

Julia Streets, CEO of Streets Consulting, said: “I’ve greatly admired Dr Wallace’s work in responsible and ethical AI, and it struck us both that there is so much to learn and to consider. In each episode, we meet in the metaverse, explore both why the metaverse matters and what matters in the metaverse.”

Streets added: “This multi-trillion industry will be how we will work, interact and play tomorrow. From many industry discussions and chairing the Trade Tech Equities conference in Paris last year, it is clear that we must pay heed to the metaverse. And we already see forward thinking leaders considering its impact in capital markets and investment management.   

Commenting on the series Dr Wallace added: “We firmly believe now is the time to offer some explanations and insights, but also to consider the risks, rewards and opportunities. What do policy makers, designers, creatives, corporates, educators, governments, regulators, communities, citizens and users need to know and consider? How do we come together to create standards and best practice around the world? How do we protect the under-represented?  What have we learned from the pace and extent of social media adoption? And that’s just the start of the debate, we want to hear about what matters to you. What do you want to know?”

All episodes will be published on social media, accessible for all.

Episode One ”Act now! – Wait and it’ll be too late” was released on youtube this week. 

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About Streets Consulting 
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About The Responsible Metaverse Alliance
The Responsible Metaverse Alliance (RMA) is a social enterprise and international movement dedicated to supporting the development of the metaverse, and virtual worlds, so that they are handled responsibly from a perspective of design, deployment, safety, culture, inclusion, operations and function.

The RMA has a focus on working with politicians, government officials, regulators and policy makers internationally, to support them in addressing potential harms of the metaverse.

The RMA will focus on the ethical, transparent, and acceptable uses of metaverse platforms and related technologies in a manner consistent with:

  • Participant/user expectations
  • Participant/user well-being and safety
  • Organisational values
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Societal laws and norms

The RMA was conceived by a group of experienced technologists, ethicists and human rights experts, and founded by Dr Catriona Wallace, a specialist in Responsible Technology. Whilst acknowledging some significant benefits the metaverse may bring, all these people hold deep concerns related to the potential negative impact the metaverse might have on certain people and sectors, in particular women, children and the vulnerable.

The RMA will have representation from a broad and diverse membership group, including strong representation from the Global South countries in addition to the Global North countries.

For more information, visit our website or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.