Blog: Introducing ‘Metaverse: What Matters?’ - a chat show about the metaverse, recorded in the metaverse, available all over social media

By Julia Streets, series host and CEO of Streets Consulting

One of the most mentioned emerging technologies of 2022 has to be the Metaverse. Recognised as offering a multi-trillion dollar commercial opportunity, leaders in every sector are considering its application. However, it is not necessarily fully understood. 

Some suggest that we are a few years from it becoming mainstream, so we believe now is the time to offer some explanations and insights as we consider the risks, rewards and opportunities.  

What do policy makers, designers, creatives, corporates, educators, governments, regulators, communities, citizens and users need to know and consider?  
How do we come together to create standards and best practice around the world?  
How do we protect the under-represented? 
What have we learned from the pace and extent of social media adoption?

Oh so many questions!… so we started ‘Metaverse: What Matters?’ 

Think of this as a monthly chat show about the metaverse, filmed in the metaverse and accessible to all over social media. 

I’ll be exploring these critical questions together with Dr Catriona Wallace, founder of The Responsible Metaverse Alliance (RMA) and a widely recognised leading entrepreneur and ethical AI expert.  

Do watch our introductory ‘teaser’ episode , which gives you a sense of what we’ll cover throughout the series. 

And by following us on social media, we’ll make sure you don’t miss any of the episodes starting in January ‘23, so watch this space!

Do, by all means, share with anyone who may be curious, and we’d love to hear from you – we’re keen to hear what matters to you about the metaverse; after all, it is called ‘Metaverse: What Matters?”