Google Ads case study

A Google Ads audit to optimise conversion rates for a
pioneering exchange technology platform

The Company

The company provides purpose-built exchange infrastructure, offering an innovative and scalable way to build exchanges and marketplaces for the trading of new digital assets.

The Brief

Augment / enhance existing Google Ads campaigns in order to maintain specified return on advertising spend (ROAS).

The Approach

  • Conducted an audit which revealed the campaigns were difficult to manage and optimise because they were too broad, with too many ads, and a lack of proper conversion tracking
  • Corrected the Google Tag and reduced the number of target countries
  • Drafted new ads, tidied up the keyword list and updated the negative keyword list
  • Set up new campaigns with agreed ‘go live’ dates

The Results

1 %
Increase in conversions per month
1 %
Reduction in ad spend per month
1 %
Increase in conversion rates

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